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Zoyzoii Halloween off-line family activities

Zoyzoii Halloween off-line family activities

How do you celebrate the past Halloween?With your families ,or your friends?

I think most of you must have a adorable day,especially the kids,none kids could escape the magic of the Halloween.🎃🎃

Here,Zoyzoii team is glad to share some adorable Halloween memories with you guys.✨

We are honored that #zoyzoii has participated in some community activities,like the past #halloween ,we cherish every opportunity to let more parents and children know about our brand and products.❤️

There were many heartwarming moments at the scene, which we captured on camera.

 All we need is love ….and donut backpack 🤩  

And here are our Zoyzoii new forest series backpacks,brown-bear backpack and bunny backpack,  are suitable for all boys and girls.

For those of you who can't make it to the scene,you can check out more great style of products on our website such as backpack, neck fan,toddler toothbrush,sun hat,thermos cup and more.

We've just launched a new series school bag which is suitable for pupil, and it's in the middle of the new product campaign, please don't miss it.😎🤓

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Zoyzoii,the kid's best partner on the road to growth

Zoyzoii,the kid's best partner on the road to growth

Children are born artists.

We insist on making user-friendly and appealing products to help children open this door.

Every child has an aesthetic potential in his or her heart. Playfulness and loveliness are children's nature. Zoyzoii wants to protect the bud of beauty in every child's life and liberate every child's aesthetic power for the future. The infinite imagination of children when they are playing with toys is consistent with the infinite possibilities created by Zoyzoii.

Through product design, we want to pass on love through their use experience, place expectations on children’s healthy growth, cultivate their aesthetic taste from childhood,and seriously consider the interest of each product.

Zoyzoii believes that there are no trivial things in children's world, and each is a mysterious event worthy of in-depth study. It's like giving children a big canvas. It never looks fixed and has unlimited possibilities. Zoyzoii makes it available for children to draw what they want and keep the purest side.

Many parents have a question: will my children like this product when I buy it? Don't worry, Zoyzoii has a well-adjusted design that can balance the preferences of parents and children at the same time.

Zoyzoii has independent design and R&D teams, which are the core strength of the company and the key force for the rapid development of the company; meanwhile, we have a group of skilled engineering and technical personnel and a rigorous production system. The number of employees of our company is about 100 and the production land area is about 3000 square meters. The company guarantees the quality of products in the whole process from brand operation, commodity management, channel strategic control, new retail mode and other plates. With professional quality and operation wisdom, Zoyzoii has become a brand that can be integrated into children's daily life and a friend of children.