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Zoyzoii®B18-B Forest Series Backpack(Sweetheart Kitty)

$39.99 $50.00 saving $10.01
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Zoyzoii®B18-B Forest Series Backpack(Sweetheart Kitty)

$39.99 $50.00 saving $10.01
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B18-B Forest Series Backpack

Let's go out together.Near the forest.New leaf growth and gloss change.Wherever the little animals go.They are full of liveliness and cuteness. There are beautiful scenery every day!

Comfy Shoulder Strap

High quality glitter leather used for making the outer shell, durable while super flexiable. Meanwhile, the shell is water-resistant and easy-to-clean and easy-to-airdried.Soft adjustable and breathable comfy shoulder straps provide excellent feeling, anti-ski strap H buckle avoids dropping, top handle helps to carry.

Unique and Impressive 3D Design

Unique and Whimsical design makes this model a perfect and super eye-catching backpack for toddler and kids to preschool or kindergarden.

Perfect Gift For Toddler

Perfect gift for toddler kid’s school season, which would be very rememberable in his/her childhood. This unique and super eye-catching backpack may make your kid a little superstar at school or kinder garden. It’s light and comfortable to carry around for school and outdoor activities.

Light in Weight with Cushioning Design

Only 456g in Weight but stury in quality; 282mm in diameter, just the right size for little kidst weight and Cushioning Design peferctly relieve the stress and protects your kids’ back.

Children are born artists. We insist on making user-friendly and appealing products to help children open this door.Through product design, we want to pass on love through their use experience,, cultivate their aesthetic taste from childhood,and seriously consider the interest of each product.