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Zoyzoii®B3 Series Sun Hat(Little Puppy)

$19.99 $30.00 saving $10.01
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Zoyzoii®B3 Series Sun Hat(Little Puppy)

$19.99 $30.00 saving $10.01
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B3 Series Sun Fat

Give You The Courage To Face The Scorching Sun And Ultraviolet Rays, Enjoy The Sunshine, And Bring More Security To Your Baby

Effectively block ultraviolet rays ≥95%

ZOYZOII children's sunscreen hat has a sunscreen logo UPF50 that meets the highest textile standard. It is slim and refreshing.The hat has a 360° wide brim for comprehensive protection. Take care of your baby's delicate skin

Hate the feeling of weight Let's start with [light]

The large coverage area will bring you a feather-feeling experience, and give the baby's head in summer a more “sensory-free” sunscreen

Natural cotton fabric

Woven by 8-needle yarn, it has good moisture absorption.Quickly dissipate heat and breathe, keep the head fresh and comfortable.Soft but not stiff after putting it on

Wear a sun hat Little fantasy adventurer set out

The unique personalized children's fun pattern has a full sense of design. It not only shows the innocence and vitality of children, but also strives to create the fashionable personality of kids.

Children are born artists. We insist on making user-friendly and appealing products to help children open this door.Through product design, we want to pass on love through their use experience,cultivate their aesthetic taste from childhood,and seriously consider the interest of each product.