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Zoyzoii®B58 Kids Sunglasses Accessories

$10.00 $40.00 saving $30.00
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Zoyzoii®B58 Kids Sunglasses Accessories

$10.00 $40.00 saving $30.00
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Packaging configuration

Zoyzoii®B58 Series Kids Sunglasses

Explore summer fun.Explore the amazing natural world with the bird

Effectively block 99.99% of UV rays and glare damage

Six-layer optical protective film Protection from sunlight and glare

Super tough light frame

TR90 material, impact-resistant and wear-resistant, low friction coefficient. Effectively prevent damage to eyes and face due to frame breakage and friction during exercise

Safe and secure materials

Accessories and toy materials have passed the US FDA Keyu professional safety certification standards

Stimulate kid's creative inspiration

Each set of sunglasses contains 3 toy for free . Let's kid challenge new and interesting things (if you need a full set of toys, can buy it separately)

Design Concept

we extracted the bird in nature as the element for design, abstracted the bird's body outline into our product symbol, and developed the concept of sunglasses replacement. It is hoped that contemporary children are like birds, bravely embrace nature without restraint

Children are born artists. We insist on making user-friendly and appealing products to help children open this door.Through product design, we want to pass on love through their use experience,cultivate their aesthetic taste from childhood,and seriously consider the interest of each product.